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At Southwest University (SU) we are dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals. To help all SU students achieve their goals, we have several academic support services available for students both in-person and online. Take a look at some of the academic support services offered below.

Community Resources

Southwest University offers a secure and private environment where students can seek support and access various resources to effectively address personal challenges. SU may not have resources for every situation, but there is plenty of community support and resources. These resources provided by local organizations encompass counseling services, helplines, support groups, community organizations, financial assistance, and more, ensuring that students have the necessary assistance and support for their well-being and personal growth.

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All SU faculty are available to provide academic support to all SU students. Remember, just because you have a specific instructor for a class doesn’t mean you have to get help from that instructor.
Visit the SU Library, where faculty and staff are available for in-person tutoring in math, english, computer literacy, and general study skills. Click on the link below to view the schedule to see when you can stop by and get the help you need.

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Digital Resources

Paper and Resume Review – Watch a quick video explain how it works

Have a paper you need reviewed but don’t have an English class? Do you need tips on your resume but don’t know who to ask? Use our online paper and resume review system to have faculty help review them. Click one of the links below to

Schedule a PAPER to be reviewed and submit your document.

Schedule a RESUME to be reviewed and submit your document.

We ask that you allow the paper reviewers at least 4 business days to review your paper. If your due date is within 4 business days you may not receive your paperback in time. Any submission made on the weekend will not be viewed until the next scheduled business day.

SU Teaches SU – Watch some of the topics covered

These short videos (4-40 minutes) cover topics important for success that you may not see in your classes. They are great supplements to your academics and help develop additional skills as you prepare for your time after school. Click on the link below to view a full playlist of all the videos our SU faculty and staff have made for you.

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